Resources and Energy

Resources and energy represent a critical intersection between the City of Naperville as a consumer and the City of Naperville as a provider of such commodities. As a good consumer, the City strives to conserve resources in a fiscally-responsible manner. As a provider of energy, the City facilitates informed decision-making by its consumers. As a provider of water, the City recognizes the finite availability of this resource and supports fiscally-responsible conservation efforts.

Water Meter Replacement Program

The City of Naperville is committed to providing residents with safe, reliable and cost-efficient water services. Water meters deteriorate with age, losing accuracy as their moving parts wear out. As a result, the meter’s gauge slows down and is unable to effectively track the total amount of water that moves through the meter. Planned replacement of older meters ensures customers will be billed fairly and accurately. To help increase the efficiency of the water meter reading process, Naperville’s Water Utility routinely replaces older water meters that have outlived their useful life when maintenance is no longer viable. 
Naperville has contracted with HBK Water Meter Service and Calumet City Plumbing to replace approximately 7,000 water meters and reading devices throughout the city in 2020. The new style of meter being installed boasts a longer lifespan and better accuracy than previously installed water meters.
Wondering about the water meter at your house? If your meter is due for replacement, you can expect to receive a letter in the mail or a door hanger on your front door containing specific information about the replacement process. For more details on this program, including specific areas currently identified for water meter replacement, visit

Leak Detection Saves Resources

One of Naperville’s most successful programs geared toward conservation is a leak detection survey conducted by the City’s Water and Wastewater Utility. The survey locates leaks in the public water supply system through acoustical devices placed on the pipe system. The sounding devices correlate to determine the location of leaks for repair by an in-house work crew.
Detecting system leaks and making timely repairs reduces unaccounted water loss and minimizes payments for purchased water to the City’s water provider, the DuPage Water Commission. Naperville’s percentage of non revenue water (e.g. water that leaks from pipes without getting to end user) averages about 5.5% over the last 10 years. The average of other communities ranges from 10% to 20%. The leak detection survey costs approximately $75,000 annually. The annual cost avoidance (e.g., not having to purchase water that is leaking) can be nearly ten times that amount. In 2018, the City of Naperville will, for the first time ever, conduct two surveys of the system in an effort to further diminish system leakage.

Conservation Voltage Reduction Program

An innovative program only offered by a few electric utilities across the nation is providing energy savings for Naperville’s Electric Utility customers. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) helps to reduce three components of energy usage: system energy losses, customer consumption and street light energy consumption. A significant portion of the savings of this program is passed on directly to the customer.
Unlike other demand response or conservation programs, this program automatically determines the optimum voltage settings, based on real-time data provided by the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), also known as the Smart Meters. The CVR software does not require a complex distribution model to operate and, as a result, is extremely cost effective to implement and maintain.
The CVR software also will help to reduce demand with no impact on the customer or a need for changes in customer behavior, which allows the Electric Utility to maximize savings while maintaining service reliability.

Snow and Salt

Salt application varies based on the amount of snowfall and icy weather conditions each season. In 2014, Naperville implemented a salt conservation effort. By reducing salt application, the City has minimized budget costs and environmental strains, as road salt can alter the chemistry of water and erode infrastructure and vegetation.

Naperville's Renewable Energy Program

The Naperville Renewable Energy Program (NREP) supports clean energy in Illinois, including wind and solar power. All energy purchases are sourced from wind farms and solar energy providers in Illinois, supporting businesses and economic development in our state. The program has awarded grants to local businesses and organizations that are supporting clean energy.
The goals of the NREP are to increase or create opportunities for our community to learn about renewable solutions, support grant projects that measurably increase renewable energy usage and displace fossil fuels and support the development of projects that can be replicated.
For just a few extra dollars per month, NREP allows residential and commercial Naperville Electric Utility customers to make voluntary monthly donations through their electric bill to support the City’s investment in renewable energy.