Enhancing Online Services

Goal Summary

In order to increase customer convenience, the City will provide or enhance the following online services by the end of 2019: electronic payment options; building permits, inspections, registrations and licenses; and service requests.
The High Performing Government Ends Policy sets the expectation for how the City will deliver services - reliably, efficiently and at a high level of quality. This Ends Policy is by far the broadest and covers issues critical to our services including communication, sustainability, innovation and technology. As we looked to establish our first goals around this ends policy, there was no doubt that the goals would center around technology.

Why is this important?

We know today that the world operates in a 24/7 environment, and the City of Naperville should be no different. Our customers expect and deserve to conduct city business when and how they prefer. Most city transactions today require a trip to City Hall or at least your mailbox because our current systems do not support online submissions or payments. That’s all about to change.
As the City grew over the last few decades, so did many of our software solutions. While functional, many of the city’s current systems are antiquated and do not communicate with one another. As an organization, we have taken the time to create our long-term technology plan and roadmap to support the services that we provide to the community. Between now and the end of 2019, we will be replacing, expanding and integrating our key business systems to improve our service delivery to you, our customer.

What are we doing?

Although the outcomes may not be visible to the public yet, there are significant efforts underway to make the above service improvements happen. Learn more about our efforts here: