2016 Citizen Survey

Using data to understand our customers' needs

How does a business know if it is meeting its customers' needs? It asks them!
For the fourth time in the last 10 years, the City did just that by asking our residents in 2016 to tell us how we’re doing. We are very proud that 94 percent of residents who had an opinion were satisfied with the overall quality of life in Naperville. Similarly, 91 percent of those who had an opinion were satisfied with the quality of City services, which far exceeds the regional and national averages for overall satisfaction with services.
The City has used this survey in the past to guide our decision-making and the allocation of resources. Examples include transportation improvements such as the widening of Route 59 and the intersection of 75th Street and Washington Street. While our residents still want us to work on transportation issues, their satisfaction level increased by 7 percent since 2012. In response to the feedback in 2012 about communications with the public during emergency events, the City implemented Naper Notify improving our satisfaction rate by 23 percent.
Equally as important as asking how we have done in the past is asking our residents what we should focus on in the future. The data from the survey allows us to focus our efforts on services that are of the highest importance to our residents in combination with where they are least satisfied.

Major Categories of City Services That Should Receive the Most Emphasis Over the Next Two Years

The priorities identified in this survey are flow of traffic/congestion and improved signal timing, visibility of police in your neighborhood and police efforts to prevent crime, household hazardous waste services, curbside leaf removal services, participation in renewable energy and overall value for utility rates. City staff is in the process of developing our plans in response to our most recent survey. We are happy to provide the 2016 survey data here for your use. Click here to further analyze the data.