Electronic Payment Options

Why is this important?

Conducting business and submitting payments online have become a common mode of doing business in today’s society. It provides the convenience to our customers of being able to conduct business whenever is convenient for them. The City of Naperville currently accepts online payments for two services – utility payments and garbage/recycling cart purchases.
The system we use for utility payments was implemented more than a decade ago. As technology has improved, the system we use has not, meaning that it lacks certain features that would make it easier to conduct your business with us. There is a better customer experience to be had, and we are working toward achieving it!

What's next?

By the end of 2019, we are looking to expand the number of services you can pay for online, while also enhancing our current offerings to provide for a better transaction experience. Our new utility billing system will be used for the billing and collection of electric, water, sanitary sewer and other service fees. It will be able to handle cash processing, billing, reporting and collections. This will improve accuracy, reduce the volume of customer calls for service, provide reportable performance indicators, increase information transparency and improve customer relations and satisfaction.