High Performing Naperville

As a national leader in the delivery of high-quality municipal services, Naperville sets the standard for how local government should serve its citizens. As part of its brand of excellence, service in Naperville is not simply delivered; it is continually analyzed for improvements that result in better service at a lower cost. Naperville does not just serve the community; it serves the community well.
As evidenced by the 2016 Citizen Survey results that show 93% of residents are satisfied with their quality of life, and 91% with city services, Naperville continues to excel in its efforts here at home.
Building upon this core service philosophy and the City’s belief in continuous improvement, efforts now focus on additional online services and enhanced access to public data. These initiatives will enhance the customer experience with the City at a level consistent with today’s technological expectations as well as foster innovation and collaboration with the public in a way not previously explored.
The end result? New ideas, better ways of serving the public and an even higher performing City.