Permits, Inspections, Registrations & Licenses

Why is this important?

Improving and expanding opportunities for customers to conduct business with the City in a manner that is most convenient to them is the backbone of the enhancing online services goal. As citizens become more used to conducting business 24/7 online, requiring trips to City Hall to pay fees or submit applications between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, is less than ideal. While some customers may still want to come to City Hall to complete their business, you are always welcome. We simply believe our customers should have a choice.
The City of Naperville processes more than 7,500 permits annually. While a small percentage of those can be mailed in, most require a trip to City Hall during normal business hours to submit and another trip to City Hall to pick up. After completing this goal, our customers will be able to submit, pay for and acquire their permits online, without ever leaving their home or office.
This capability will expand beyond building permits to other permits, licenses and services that today you must come to City Hall to complete. Instead of requiring developers print rolls of plans, which are currently brought to City Hall and passed from department to department for review, we will have the ability to receive paperless plan applications/submittal reviews, complete with a version control and comprehensive audit trail for the customer’s benefit.

Commercial Development Permits by Month

Residential Development Permits by Month

What are we doing?

Our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will provide our customers a choice in how they conduct business in a way most convenient to them. ERP refers to an integrated suite of software applications that support the City’s core business functions. The City of Naperville’s current software – Naviline SunGard Public Sector – was implemented in 1990 and supports accounting, utility billing, accounts receivable, building permits, business licenses, payroll/personnel, purchasing/inventory and code enforcement, among other business functions. 
Support for the City's current ERP is decreasing as SunGard increases marketing for newer products. Naviline is not built to current software development standards and does not have the capability to support customer-friendly e-government initiatives.
We are in the process of migrating from the 20-year-old ERP to a new suite of redesigned applications – Tyler Technologies Munis and EnerGov products – that support the City’s high performing government ends policy and the desire to improve our service delivery. This migration is fundamental to the success of our agency and, as it requires a fairly complicated backend structure, it is considered to be one of the most important investments in terms of budget and execution time for a business of any size.  The implementation of this $7.4 million, 7-year solution began in 2017.

What's next?

Much of the work to implement the ERP will not be noticed by customers for some time, as it will be occurring behind the scenes. The first major implementation that the public will see will be the roll-out of online applications for licenses and permits issued by the City Clerk’s Office in early 2019. Residential and commercial building permit applications will follow later in 2019.
We will also continue to work on upgrading and migrating backend systems, which will pave the way for online payment systems and other customer improvements, which will come at a later time.