About Open Checkbook

Open Checkbook is part of the City's commitment to open data and works in collaboration with Open Data Naperville - the city's open data portal. 
The goal of the City’s open data program is to make the City’s data easily available to the public to help improve service delivery; increase transparency and access to public information; and enhance coordination and efficiency among departments, partner organizations and residents. By making data machine-readable and easily accessible, the City hopes to spur innovation among internal and external audiences and encourage the conversation and analysis of the City’s performance.

Common Questions

What payments are not included?
Currently information that is protected by HIPPA laws and regulations, and Personnel payroll information, are not included in this data.
What is our main financial focus?
The City’s main financial focus is to complete payment for services rendered within a timely manner as is allocated within the City’s budget.
How long does it take us to pay vendors?
The City strives to pay our vendors in a timely fashion, and has a goal of paying vendors within 15- 30 days of receipt of invoices. This site provides the opportunity to view invoice and payment dates; and is useful for the City to measure its progress towards this goal.